These are what I’ve been missing

These are what I’ve been missing

It’s better to start and fail
than to dream and do nothing

Murals draw me in. When driving, if I see a mural, my family has to scold me to return to the drive. I’m so addicted to them now that when my brothers, when traveling, message me murals from their path.

These beautiful murals are those candid shots +. If there is time at the moment the photos arrive, I try to pinpoint the artwork on the Google map. It’s become a passion to share them on the map so that others who are interested in murals know where they are located. Some of these have been pinned and some have not. I’ve also been saving the Google Maps time capsule of the location to see how the artwork has changed throughout the years.

My apologies for not having a consistent plan or pattern to process these great works of art. But It’s better to just get started and figure it out along the way. I figure there is plenty of time to continue the project as I age. I will not be one to say there is nothing to do during retirement. There are always plenty of murals & postcards to play with, and they will outlive me. Hope you enjoy these mini modules of murals. Hope more you go find some and pin them to the Map, so I can find them

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ಠ_ಠ Scavenger hunting murals

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