Disturbing Trend 2023

Recently, I’ve happened by a couple spots in the area where my first photos of murals were taken. Being new at trying to capture murals in photograph, my skills did not do justice to the artwork or the artist. I have a lot of shame regarding the pictures I have because I’d never want to detract from the magnificent labor of love that it takes to create these massive pieces of art. It is incredible work, active, unkind, uncomfortable, in the elements, in the public eye 👁️ WORK, all caps!

Respect for the artist and the work is what has been messing with my ego regarding this blog. I’m not a professional photographer. My imposter syndrome tells me that I cannot display the artwork in such a way as to honor the artist. Then there are all the legal, copyright possibilities, which I still do not understand regarding publishing the photos online.

My intention was to share pictures of murals around town and show them off. Maybe someone else would like to see them too. But now, since I’ve gone past this part of town where the restaurant closed, There is no artwork there. It is nothing but the old rock wall structure. Did i just dream the whole thing up? Was there a fabulous mural painted on this terrible texture and ugly surface. I don’t even know how the artist managed to get a painting successfully on the wall area. Now it’s gone, just because a restaurant closed?

Then there is the lovely art festival weekend in Orlando, where they effectively challenge the community to find the best mural artists to submit and win 🏆 the prize of painting their mural on the art studio walls. It’s such a phenomenal site to see all these murals lined up one after the other. Then every couple of years the walls are covered to just do again. It’s really very hard on me, and I’m not the creator of these extraordinary pieces, side by side around the building. It truly is a sight to see. I haven’t even looked online to see when the next round of murals will be replaced with new ones. I don’t want to say goodbye👋 to these murals yet

Lastly, the Lemon Street building just broke my heart. “I had a dream” of covering many murals and more street art from the Lemon Street Project. Only to find out the entire building was demolished. It’s a complete mystery. I missed the whole thing, the creation to extinction, I’m so out of the loop, that nothing was even heard about it.

The pictures will have to do because that’s all we have of them anymore. Maybe their creators have sketches drawings or memorabilia that could be saved.

This will spur me on to continue the project even when my photographic presence drowns me in doubts. Murals are healing & as with all life, there are seasons. It’s something that time will put into the proper place.
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Love 🤟

LaLa 👋

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