Learning as we go #BuildInPublic Mural Passport

We have been sitting on a secret.

Trying not to tell, but we just cannot hold it in any longer. Decided it’s better to build in public. #BuildInPublic

It’s been almost a year process to ruminate on the idea and realize it might actually work towards being worth sharing. We certainly think it would be enjoyable for others. 

It’s been very challenging to know exactly how to proceed.  It’s a little overwhelming, honestly.  Yet one has to remember that throughout history someone else has done this.  They had an idea, they waded the waters to make it float, tried and tried and tried again to build up their dreams into a reality.  It’s such a fun and terrifying process, quite honestly. However, it is not perfect or even pretty. So now we’ve reached a point where we have to just get out there, spread those little wings and see if we can fly. 

Hope you like our fledgling project. We published our book Mural Passport!  The first test editions are back and are beautiful.  We have shared a couple with friends at work to get some feedback.  Started to build a way to sell it online. This has been almost as challenging as creating the actual book. So, We are going to begin sharing it with the world. It might look different every single day as we go along and grow. But for today we are Happy to present the English Version of……

The Mural Passport!  

Soon to follow the Spanish Version link to purchase. We are also working on Business cards. These are currently at the Printer. We have previews coming soon!  Then we hope to have Thank You cards to accompany each beautiful passport when we ship them out. Also, on the roadmap is the video highlighting our questing adventures. These should be fun to create while enjoying using the Mural Passport to find and experience artist mural creations. 

Who would have guessed that almost a year ago, when we Stopped by the Boring Business in downtown Lakeland, our journey would bring us to this creative place. 

Today we present Mural Passport by link to purchase on Gumroad here

Hope you enjoy!   Any questions Feel free to email  MuralPassport@gmail.com

You may also see us with Mobile Media Mania or our other many partners — #OneLoveWorld Family Media Network 

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